1.-How do I return an item?
If you receive an order, and you are not satisfied with the item/s, you can return the products/s:
1.- First of all, we ask you to contact us immediately to the following email address:
customer.service@smart-t-haus.com, indicating the return reasons, stating the order number, date and your personal details.
2.- Next, if we get all information requested, check that the products from SMART-T-HAUS you want to return us fulfil all specifications contained in the Policy Return, we will send you an email informing you that the return has been accepted and that you can proceed to return the product. It is possible that we provide you a return id.
We beg you not to return us any product before our acceptance, otherwise the return will not be accepted. In the case of packing issue, you should first communicate to the forwarder who is delivering you the product.
You may return us the products through post or courier. We recommend you that the return mean would be able to be tracked and confirm the delivery to SMART-T-HAUS, for your assurance

2.- Return conditions
SMART-T-HAUS products must be returned in the same conditions that you received them, together with the same original complete packing, labels and together with any other accessories related to them. Customer will be responsible to prove that the products have been returned certainly, so we recommend you send back the products through a mean which may certificate the delivery for your assurance.  We will not be responsible, for missed products, for delays or deliveries to wrong address for any product that you nay return us.
If your return does not fulfil with stipulated terms, you will not be entitled to get your total amount refund and we will send back to you the products freight collects.
SMART-T-HAUS products must be returned in a single delivery. We reserve the right to refuse retuned products that come from a single order and are intended to be delivered in several times.
You will be responsible for the product return freight costs and in any case, we will not accept freight collect returns. In any case, we will not refund you freight costs. Changes or returns to shops are not allowed when the product was bought in the SMART-T-HAUS online shop.

3.-How many time do I have to return my product?
When receiving the article, you have ordered you are not satisfied with, you have a fifteen (15) workable days term counting from the delivery date to cancel your order and return the products. Workable days are meant from Monday to Friday excepting holidays.

4.- Do I have to pay anything to return products?
Returns have no penalties. Nevertheless, returning freight cost will be at the charge of You the buyer, and we will not accept any return made freight collect. We will not refund you the returning freight cost excepting in the case of defective products or mistaken delivery, then SMART-T-HAUS will pay for returning the product. Take a glance at paragraph n.9, below, about defective products or mistaken delivery.

5.- What happens when the return is delivered to us?
Once we receive the return in SMART-T-HAUS, we procced to check it carefully and we will inform you by email as soon possible if your return is valid and accepted.

6.- How will I get my refund?
Once we approved your return, you will get the money back through the same mean you used to pay your order. In the case to have paid by bank transfer, we will need your bank details (IBAN) to refund you. If the beneficiary of the SMART-T-HAUS products is different from the one who has paid the order, the refund will be done to the one who paid.

7.- When I will get my refund?
Approved the return from you (items must be as descripted in General Conditions) you will receive a confirmation email stating that the amount will be in your account in a few days, never later than fourteen (14) workable days. Remember that the payment to your credit card depend always of your bank.

8.- What should I do when the refund amount is not right?
Just contact our Customer Service and we will solve the problem as soon as possible. Simply, send us an email to customer.service@smart-t-haus.com

9.- What do I do if I get a defective product or a mistaken order?
SMART-T-HAUS only sells products with good quality, so in the case that, exceptionally to receive a defective/damaged product please contact us as soon as possible to our Customer Service by email to customer.service@smart-t-haus.com indicating your personal details and the problem you have found. We will immediately contact you to solve the issue.
1.- First, we beg you to contact us immediately (according to paragraph n.3) to the following email address: customer.service@smart-t-haus.com, describe the reason of your return, including order number, date and your personal details.
2.- Next, if we understand that you have supplied us all the information requested, we will check that SMART-T-HAUS products to be returned are according to Return Policy, and we will send you an email informing you that your return has been accepted or not. It is possible that you get a return id. We ask you not to return any product before our acceptance of return, otherwise your return will not be accepted.
3.- We ask you to fulfil all stipulations mentioned in paragraph n.2.
4.- Next step, once accepted your product return, we will inform you how to proceed, If the defects are obvious according to your information, it may be possible not to return the product.
5.- You may take the following options in the case of a defective/damaged product:
- Cancel your order product and return the product if necessary; in this case, we will refund the total product order amount according to paragraphs n. 6 y 7.
- Ask for new same item, and return if required the defective product; in this case, we will send you again the same purchased product at freight collect as soon as possible.
- Ask for a discount from the total order amount and keep the product when the defect or damage are very light and still useful for its purpose (like esthetical defect or damage for instance). In this case, this discount will be charged in your account for next orders or we Will send you a promotional code for purchasing other items in our website. When the total order amount is high, we will refund the amount by bank transfer. So, we will need your to provide us your bank details.
In the case of problems with the packing, you are due to inform the forwarder when you are being delivered.