1.- If you already have got an account with us, please, go to MY ACCOUNT menu, to start your session, sign in with your personal data (email address and password), right side.


2.- If you don’t have got any account with us and you want to open one with our shop, go to MY ACCOUNT menu and full fill the application. You will get a welcome confirmation email with your personal details. Thus, the following time, you will not have to fill again the application.


3.- You will be able to receive our Newsletter with novelties or offers if you click the case. This case will be not clicked by default to respect your privacy.


4.- In the case of a new register, and once you have filled your personal details and delivery address, please check it carefully that they are correct.


5.- If you don’t have an account with us and you are not sure to register with us, you may view our products catalogue anyhow. Choose Menu PRODUCTS, then click Families name and Categories name, you will see the products. If you wish to view the products with more details and high-resolution pictures, reference or price, enter the product by clicking it. If you wish to know about the product features, there is a description of the product below the picture. It is possible that some products may include a technical sheet, quality sheet or safety sheet with more information.


6.- You may add an item and quantity to your cart by clicking “Buy”. Afterwards, you may access to your summary cart to “Confirm” the order.


7.- Next, a summary cart, where you will be able to cancel o change the quantity of products. Later, you can add more items to your cart by clicking “continue buying”, or finalise your order by clicking “confirm order”. If you wish to save the added items and carry on buying later, simply sign out of your session, if you are registered. Your order will be kept in your account to make changes, cancel items or cancel the order, or confirm your order later. If you are not registered, your order will be cancelled and will not be kept.       


8.- Select your payment preferences: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal or another option.


9.- Confirm the order.


10.- You will receive an email confirming your order